At Natsure, we believe in creating partnerships with people who:


  • Have identified an opportunity (preferably a niche opportunity) and who are looking for a serious business partner for  support
  • Have a business plan for consideration
  • Understand what it takes to be a successful Underwriter (past experience in the underwriting environment highly             recommended)


Should you be one of those people, we look forward to hearing from you to commence the evaluation process which includes (amongst others) the following actions:


  • Consideration and approval of the business plan
  • Conduct a detailed due diligence (to ensure long term sustainability and profitability)
  • Finalisation of UMA Agreement
  • Implementation of necessary proccesses and procedures


Upon successful completion of all the above, you are ready to start trading and become a member of the Natsure family.


Our contact details are:

Tel: 0861 477 752



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