NATSURE writes most of its business through UMAs. We do not directly market our own products nor do we accept any business directly from clients.


Our vision is to be the preferred partner for successful Underwriting Managers. As such we understand that the success of NATSURE is inextricably linked to the strength of the partnership with each of our UMA partners, and vice versa. We clearly understand what our role in the partnership needs to be and we equally respect the value that each of our UMA partners bring to the success of the partnership. A successful partnership is based on mutual trust and a common sense of long term purpose. As a business, we believe that we support an environment that cultivates and builds successful long-term partnerships with our UMAs.


We see our role as creating and cultivating an environment that would allow our UMA partners to prosper and be competitive. We provide the capital, financial controls and scientifically based insights into their business that in turn enables each of our UMA partners to excel and maintain their leadership positions.


In order to ensure sustainably profitable long term partnerships and strategically aligned interests, the remuneration models of our UMA partners are linked to the profitability of their underlying business.


Our UMA partners are selected for their reputation, in-depth market knowledge and experience, product expertise as well as their relationships with brokers and other decision-makers. Their focus is consequently on providing innovative products and a specialised administration service to short term insurance brokers.


Our current UMA and product partners are:

If you would like a quote from any of our UMA product partners, please click on the link below and your mail will be forwarded to the relevant partners.

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