UA have been in operation since 1994. The senior underwriter Theresa James, has been active in the insurance industry for 40 years of which 30 years having specialized in Personal Accident Insurance.


UA underwrite for and on behalf of Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited. (AA+ Rated)

Core Products


Accident and Health insurance, like most insurance, requires specific tailoring to meet the requirements of it’s’ customers.


Group Personal Accident / Stated Benefits:


    - Accidental Death

    - Permanent Disability

    - Temporary Disability

    - Medical Expenses




    - Accidental Disfigurement

    - Mobility Cover

    - Disappearance and Exposure

    - Repatriation costs

    - Drivers extension

    - Life support

    - Hi jacking and kidnapping

    - Trauma Counselling

    - Child Care

    - Mobility

    - Relocation

    - Claims Preparation Costs

    - Family/Domestic Servants Medical

    - Seat Belt

    - Crime

    - Credit Protection

    - Life Support

    - Life Support Equipment

    - Rehabilitation

    - Relocation

    - Drivers Extension

    - Business Travel (outside RSA)

    - Post Mortem

    - Blood Transfusion

    - Death Expenses (Accident or illness)

New value added extensions


Post Mortem – In the event that the circumstances surrounding the claim warrant a PM Report – we will pay 25% of the underlying benefit up to a maximum of R100,000 pending the PM report. This provides the insured with immediate relief as some PM’s can take 12 months.


Blood Transfusion – Insurers will pay up to R100,000 in excess of Medical Aid. Most Medical Aids limit the benefit for Blood Transfusions.


Exclusion Free Buy Out – meaning that your client can purchase up to 50% of the underlying benefit to be paid in the event that the circumstances of the claim would have normally been excluded. The only two exclusions that would still apply is active participation in war and the nuclear/biological exclusion.


Dread Disease – Heart Attack, Chronic Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Paraplegia, Blindness and Multiple Sclerosis.

Other products


Car Sales / Rental Enhancements / Mortgage – Repayment protection


Short Period High Accumulation Cover- for Business Conferences, abroad and local


Spectator personal accident insurance – On premises, single event cover


Customers / Visitors Protection – Trauma Cover for on-premises


Film Crew, Actors, Actresses


SIMRAC Levy – Levies imposed by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Affairs following the negligence of the Insured and resulting in the bodily injury of the Insured Persons

Contact Details:

Theresa James

Tel: (011) 705 3371

Mobile: 082 809 6161